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Sailing & other courses

sailing lessons, swimming lessons & fitness training tailored for all levels from beginners to advanced

Trips in Estonia & other coutnries

For those seeking pure enjoyment, rent a skippered yacht and join us on exciting sea excursions. We offer various services, including on-board photo sessions and catering. Additionally in Estonia, you can even enhance your experience by renting a hot tub.

Our sailing adventures are not limited to borders - they span across the most breathtaking seas in other countries also.


Create unforgettable memories onboard of the yacht, where each moment becomes a cherished chapter in your personal maritime tale.


Interested in chartering your yacht or advertising? Then we have something special to offer.

Our Team

Meet "The One" woman-power team

Meet our woman-power sailing team led by Captain Viktoria

Viktoria was a former Estonian Olympic Team member, Athens 2004 Olympic qualifier, and multiple-time Estonian Champion. With extensive experience in European sailing competitions, including European Championships. Viktoria has been coaching and instructing since 2007.

As a start-up woman-power crew, our focus is on the 2024 sailing season, where we aim to continue our journey, embracing challenges, and making waves in the sailing community.




Team member


Team member


Team Member


Team member

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